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About us

In MSME, Veeram Pack Pvt. Ltd. aims to promote transformation alongside propelled ideas in the food sector wherein our company consistently focuses on hot beverages. Advancement is the sole method to bring a change wave, be it the smallest possible way. Therefore, our company thrives in the packaging and food industry for years with a plan to always provide new items to our clients.

About our product

Considering consuming a brewing teacup at a fantastic picnic spot; at the office where the stress level is significantly high, in a car with calming music, or in the bedroom, all hear "Veefast," that is an instant tea to consume anywhere and anytime.

Veefast provides our customers with the convenience and joy of having an aromatic and revitalizing cup of tea that comes in a pack of a stirrer and a cup.

All our customers need is warm water to make a hot cup of tea within minutes. The process will provide them the most pleasing tea experience alongside the warmth of fragrant spices.

A tea pack typically includes separate hygienically-made tea pouches with a wooden stirrer and an insulated, sturdy, and eco-friendly paper cup. Veefast promises to provide our customers with the exotic taste at their convenience.


It is enunciated that the ideal method to stay fit is to devour a healthy and nutrient-enriched diet. Therefore, Veefast focuses on delivering nutrition enrichment, Sattvik, breakfast, and hot beverages range for the clients. The ordinary population can effectively keep up a nutritious and healthy diet, but when it is about outdoor eating, the maintenance is challenging.

Our mission is to deliver nutrition enriched and healthy diet and beverage to our consumers anywhere and anytime in the possible convenient manner.


We aim at getting recognition as a self-reliant name in the boulevard of packaged hot and food beverages. We seek to see ourselves as an essential brand by service more than 5 million customers by 2025 who request the items. We long to serve our clients in all possible manners. Moreover, we additionally hope for the bliss and satisfaction of our customers after devouring our products. We also aim to keep up the delicacy and uniformity of our items with our customers' optimum support.

Core purpose

Our core purpose is to uniformity offer services and keeps up a maintainable business that will be useful for the clients and be beneficial in the long haul. We additionally wish to enable the consumption of beverages and food suitable for the customers anywhere and anytime.

Core values

Veefast is not solely an industry that makes beverages, yet also a company that trusts all products' value-based shipment. Integrity and honesty are the core values of our company. We also consider product cleanliness and health; meanwhile, the whole packaging and production process is kept safe and hygienic for our clients.

Quality commitment

In today's era, nothing is steadfast until we get a commitment and surety about it. At our company, we are devoted to serving the identical fragrant infusing teacup to the one our customers have at home anywhere and anytime. We focus on giving a homely feel to the users while devouring the tea since we comprehend the importance of happiness and bliss! We swear that improvisation is our fundamental mantra.

Hygiene is kept up at an unmatched height during the storage, manufacturing, and packaging process. We maintain no walls between manufacturers and consumers while keeping sheerness in the production policy. Besides, we utilize selective ingredients from reputed suppliers.

Why Veefast hot beverages?

  • A beverage, tea, needs a well-equipped kitchen, and takes your time too. At Veefast, we help our customers get available tea, even in inaccessible areas, within less time.
  • The users can devour our tea anywhere and anytime, be it at the workplace, hotel room, or home.
  • Sometimes, consumers desire to devour tea during a trip; however, it is challenging until they reach a hotel. Veefast instant tea can be consumed and prepared anywhere and anytime within seconds.
  • The customers can consume our tea while picnicking or on holiday to create memories with family and friends. 
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